Alex Striler


Management Consultant and author "X Play Nation"

Topic: Capturing today's youth market 

Wednesday, October 12th - 1.40-2.20pm


The youth market is every brands Holy Grail, if you cannot successfully tap into tomorrows consumer then what future does a brand have. Alex will look at how brands from the action sports business industry , which have enjoyed phenomenol growth over the last décade, made themselves so attractive to this new consumer and how the marketing strategy and ethos of thèse types of brands can be adapted to encourage young consumers into traditional sports markets. One only has to look at the impact of freeski on the Alpine ski market to realise change comes to us all. 


Alex Striler started on Wall Street and then dived into action sports where he ended up as President of Osiris shoes after a couple of years running Bokasmo & Co.a youth marketing and online merchandising e-commerce incubator. Now an action sports consultant. He works with both start-up endemic and established non-endemic companies such as monster and Toyota to help position them and grow within the youth market. Recently Alex wrote and published X Play Nation of Action Sports, the first “explanation” of how the action sports industry built their brands through a combination of sport and lifestyle marketing.

Alex Striler studied Strategic Management under Peter F. Drucker at Claremont University in California. He occasionally had the opportunity to drive Drucker home after evening classes. During those drives, Striler would ask many questions of his mentor. After graduation Alex started in investment banking. He was one of only five graduate students recruited by Bear Stearns in 1992 into the MBA training program. Within three months, he had opened his first account with a $10 million trade. From 1992 to 1995, Alexwas Vice President of Emerging Markets Fixed-Income Sales and sold debt instruments to institutional accounts. In 1995, Striler was recruited by Banco Santander, now the largest bank in Europe, on a threeyear contract to build an Emerging Markets fixed-income sales desk specifically for local Brazilian banks, hedge funds and U.S. domestic mutual funds.

In 1998, Striler returned to California and became the seed capital investor and President of a youth marketing and online merchandising e-commerce incubator, Bokasmo & Co. During his time at Bokasmo, Striler’s company created 33 merchandising websites for professional athletes and small businesses, including Tony Alva, Alva Distribution, Playground Skateboards, Surf Diva Surfboards, Lightningbolt Surfboards, Rector Pads, skate pro Nate Sherwood, FMX pro Trevor Vines, motocross racer Ryan Hughes and others. Bokasmo was Striler’s introduction to action sports.

Next Striler was recruited by Osiris’s primary shareholder to conduct an extensive financial statement and operational analyses, which ultimately resulted in a comprehensive reorganization plan that was accepted by shareholders and creditors. He was then given the authority to implement the plan, which returned Osiris to profitability within nine months.

In 2004 he was promote to President & CEO of Osiris Shoes. In 2004 and 2005, he restructured the balance sheet, reorganized operations and implemented a corporate reorganization plan that focused on financial results and operational efficiencies. Striler changed the company’s focus from solely an endemic skateboarding brand to a broader-based action sports brand. He also closed several unprofitable business units and directed the company’s primary assets to its core brand.

This repositioning allowed the company to diversify from skate shops into larger mall-based retailers, including Journey’s. At the same time, Striler reduced Osiris’s concentration risk with Pacsun (at the time approximately 50% of domestic sales) which minimized exposure when the 900-store retailer discontinued carrying footwear two years later. Because of its new direction and policies, Osiris survived the current economic climate and is currently positioned as a solid and growing action sports footwear brand.

Today Alex Striler is an action sports consultant. He works with both start-up endemic and established non-endemic companies to help position them and grow within the core market. He has represented, consulted with, negotiated for, helped position and activated sponsorships for many manufacturers, brands and entertainment venues.

Striler also works with professional action sports athletes and racers. He links representative brand ambassadors with companies and creates activation programs to strengthen brand culture and prove product functionality. Striler himself is an ambassador of the action sports community to the outside world. Alex Striler lives with his wife and four children in San Diego on an organic grove. During his free time, he promotes raw food diets and environmentally conscious lifestyles. He advocates fresh air, clean soil and pure water initiatives. Striler’s family discontinued using microwave ovens in 2003 and they pulled the plug on television in 2009. As a growing part of their diet, Striler’s family consumes locally-grown fresh foods and picks daily from their 50+ fruit trees, 20+ grape vines and vegetable garden. In 2009, Alex and his wife, Tammy, published a fun book on about red wines, “EveryDay Reds, by T&A Tastings”.

Author of X Play Nation of Action Sports, an “explanation” of action sports marketing, strategy and branding. Published on January 2011.

“A powerful overview of a highly lucrative and rapidly growing sector of the market -- action sports. This book is excellent!”

Ace Greenberg, former CEO and Chairman, BEAR STEARNS

“This book is a front seat look into the workings of the action sports culture. This perspective of the influence (and affluence) of these outdoor individual sports is refreshing, informative and different than other books.”

Bob McKnight, CEO, Quiksilver, Roxy and DC Shoes

 “The action sports business is 50 years old, drives youth culture global, boasts billions in sales and is filled with Peter Pan’s Lost Boys … Striler has captured an intimate perspective on the inner workings of this fascinating industry.”

CJ Olivares, Executive Vice President, FUEL TV

“This is a must read for Brand Managers who struggle with their strategy and leveraging of sponsorship dollars. Alex provides several examples to prove that without activation your sponsorship is just another media buy that leaves you with your fingers crossed. Insightful!”

Todd Steen, President, Variable Marketing

 "A brief, but concise report on the evolution of the action sports business from the inside. Alex offers insight and clues for success for anyone wishing to enter the action sports business -- at any level."

Don Brown, National Motorsports Manager, Toyota Motor Sales, USA

He is a speaker at universities and events, including the following in 2011:

• Speaker on “Action Sports Lifestyle Marketing” at 2011 Youth Mega Mashup in San Diego (June 21-23)

• Keynote Speaker at “Game Changers” event at San Diego Hall of Champions by SDSU MBA program and San Diego Sports Innovators (June 7)

• Guest speaker to Sports Marketing class at California State University at San Marcos (April 5)

• Guest speaker to MBA Marketing program at Claremont Graduate University’s Peter F. Drucker Graduate Management Center (February 28)



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