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Topic: Outdoor Demographics... Are you riding the wave? 



It’s a matter of nature that people get older. But it’s matter for society when whole populations are ageing. Demographic change affects countries all over the globe and is having an increasing influence on all areas of public life and significantly so in sports participation. The levels of interest in all forms of sport are highly affected by age factors and so in turn is demand for sports products. In Europe fewer children and an increasing amount of older sportsmen will drive the demand for sports and sporting goods, today and into the future. What challenges will arise from this shift? Can we evaluate its impact over the next decades? What strategies should businesses develop to take advantage of these demographic changes and how should they deal with the challenges this is creating?



At just 34 years old, Claudia Bösl is quite a young person to choose demographic issues as her main working field. As she says “People often ask me how I got interested in how age effects demand in sports because the majority of young marketing people in sports are interested in action, lifestyle and performance”. Claudia’s outdoor sports hobbies of climbing, trekking and mountain biking qualified her as an “expert” to her parents, family and friends. They kept asking for advice mostly regarding the purchasing of sporting goods so Claudia decided to turn her passions into a career. Claudia Bösl has two university degrees, one in sports prevention/rehabilitation from the Technical University in Munich, and another in sports economics, with a focusing on marketing, from the German Sports University Cologne. This provided the perfect background to concentrate on sports business and demographics. So after her first job in marketing in a small start-up company, in 2007 she decided to take the challenge and launch her own agency.

Generation Sport
Generation Sport, based in Southern Germany consults on the challenges and opportunities for business that arise from demographic change in sports. Initially Claudia worked to raise awareness for the active ageing customer segment and then in collaboration with leading sports business platform ISPO she created and published several market surveys about the size and the nature of the active ageing market, and about the many opportunities that come with demographic change. As a marketing and communication specialist, she has also done pioneering work with this subject in the youth-driven part of the industry. Today Generation Sport has collected a large pool of market information in Europe regarding the effect of demographics in the business of sports and  has developed a number of marketing concepts. The business concentrates on older consumers who do not use the established sports information channels and offer huge customer potential for sports companies, particularly looking at two major topics, generation-overlapping strategies and the health dimension of physical activity
Clients include Sport 2000 Schweiz , ISPO , Messe Friedrichshafen, Source Human.Nature , Sportsella, LEX – Die Laufexperten, Deutscher Skilehrer Verband, Bergans, Sports Tracking Europe, World of Windsurfing e.V. Verband Deutscher Sportfachhandel e.V., University of Westminster (UK), New Dynamics of Ageing Programme (UK) , Tourismusverband Hochpustertal (IT), Tourismusverband Sedrun Disentis (CH) and Graubünden Ferien (CH)

- The first Survey about older customers in sports business in general (GER, 2007)
- “Attitude towards 50plus Customers in Sports Business“ (2011)
- Several analyses on sales and purchasing habits fo customer groups in the European Sports Markets in cooperation with the Sports Tracking Europe (NPD Group) 2009, 2010, 2011

Lectures and Workshops
- Series of lectures and expert discussions regarding 50plus customers in marketing in sports business (ISPO GER, since 2007)
- “Best Agers – New Target Group for Sport Suppliers“ (Vertical Arena ITA , 2008)
- „The Nature and Size of the Active Ageing Market“ (Outdoor Fair GER, 2011)
- Best Agers – a specific target group
- Development of marketing campaigns with focus on 50plus customers

Generation Sport
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