Jean-Luc Diard

President, Outdoor Sports Valley and Vice-president, Tecnica.

“The European Outdoor Forum second edition was an amazing success uniting many outdoor industry leaders for learning, sharing and networking. So join us for this year’s event and feel the incredible energy which makes our industry unique and stronger than many other sporting goods industries. See you in Annecy. You can be sure that you will enjoy yourself.”




David Udberg

President, European Outdoor Group and Managing Director, Lowe Alpine.

“The event was an unqualified success and received a very positive  response. We are expecting this event to grow on that success and we  would encourage those wishing to gain a broadened industry perspective and to address issues concerning our industry to attend.” 


Paul-PICPaul Petzl

President Petzl Company.

" In 2010, it was the first time, that this type of conference has been held in Europe, like in the United States. I think that it's great, because it's an opportunity to bring together all the outdoor market manufacturers and retailers from all over Europe under one roof. A fantastic opportunity for networking, sharing and doing business together."




p54_Day2_QA_BerndKullmann-215x300Bernd Kullmann

General Manager Deuter Sport GmbH & Co. KG

 “I will once again be at the Annecy European Outdoor Forum,  because of the interesting speakers. . Annecy  is also an excellent business platform were you can meet friends,  colleagues and business partners, in a much more relaxed atmosphere than at the trade shows. Talks become so much more efficient, either in a  nice cafe or the official meeting place.”

JMP-V2Jean-Marc Pambet

President Footwear Amer Sports / President Salomon.

"The outdoor industry talked about it for years... to meet together and share a platform for dialogue on common issues. The Outdoor Sports Valley and the European Outdoor Group made this project practical. I participated with great interest in this «first» because it is an initiative that can really help us strengthen our dynamic industry."


eddy_codega_bis_jpgEddy Codega

President C.A.M.P. S.p.A.

“The European Outdoor Forum represents a great opportunity to look after future trends, understand changes driven by a new and younger generation of consumers and is a unique time to meet industry colleagues in a context different than trade shows, sharing common concerns, challenges and opportunities.”



32803633-045Pascal Aymar

President Coalision Europe.

"If you can find 2 days to escape short term issues and want to take the opportunity to get a fresh perspective on new trends, business KFS, intelligence data and market evolution, the European Outdoor Forum in Annecy is the place for you to be. Expect to find : brilliant speakers who not only will provide food for thought but who will also offer concrete and operational solutions , opportunities for real dialogue with fellow professionals in our industry from all over the world,  a highly enriching collaboration between EOG and OSV, a beautiful Annecy in the autumn as a primary outdoor location in Europe. In a nutshell, all the right conditions to make the third edition of this Forum a great success."

32803633-032Alain Vuarnet

President Vuarnet Group.

 "The European Outdoor Forum meeting allows different horizons and enriches our knowledge. A selection of guests and speakers will bring, for its second edition in Annecy, economic data as varied as possible. They aim to clarify the major activities in our area such as sports, nature and leisure whose focus is the economy of the Outdoor. The listening that we will have during these interventions will reveal valuable lessons on this activity because they come from countries all over  Europe!  I look forward to seeing you next October for the opening of Forum 2012."