Program 2012


The Forum will be held on the Imperial Palace, a prestigious four star hotel and conference centre situated right on the shore of Lac d’Annecy.


Adress: Allée de l'Impérial - 74000 ANNECY France - Tel: +33 (0)450 093 000

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The ISPO Forum dinner will be held in tipis, close to the Lac d'Annecy.

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The Cocona Lunch and the SGI-Compass Nordic Lunch will be at the Moon Restaurant (5 minutes walk from the Imperial Palace). 

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Adress: PLage d'Annecy - 30, Avenue d'Albigny - 74 000 ANNECY France - Tel: +33 (0)450 191 973

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Tuesday, October 16th

Registration and Coffee 8.00-9.00am

Conference start 9.00am

The Cocona Lunch 12.20-2.00pm

First day ends 6.00pm

First day topics:

  • [Market] Outdoor Demographics... Are you riding the wave? Claudia Bösl - Founder, Generation Sport
  • [Market] Brazil, South America’s giant goes outdoor - Marina Moretti Franco - Managing Director Adventure Sports Fair (ASF)
  • [E-commerce] The future of e-retailing channels - Philippe Wargnier - President,
  • [Sustainability] The Sustainable Apparel Coalition - Jason Kibbey - Executive Director, Sustainable Apparel Coalition 
  • [Locator Marketing] Location, location, location, the addition of location to consumer targeting - PJ Verhoef - Founder EMEA chapter, advisory board member, The Location Based Marketing Association
  • [Innovation] The What and the How of dialing up innovation in your organisation - Alberto De Conti - CEO, ADC Alchemy
  • [Education] Launch of outdoor industry specific advanced degrees - Pascal Aymar - Ex General Manager Europe and Asia, Coalision
  • [Sustainability] EOCA, there for us all! - John Jansen - President of EOCA - Managing Director and Head of Keen EMEA

ISPO Dinner - Keynote speaker - Rolf Schmid - CEO, Mammut Sports Group

Wednesday, October 17th

Second day Registration and Coffee 8.00-9.00am

Second day conference starts 9.00am

The SGI-Compass Nordic Lunch 11.50-1.30pm

Conference ends 4.00pm

Second day topics

  • [Market] Russia, the land of opportunity? - Vlad Moroz - Co-founder, co-owner and director, Redfox
  • [Supply chain] Environmental sustainability at adidas with a focus on the supply chain - Philipp Meister - Manager Sustainable Materials and Innovation, adidas Group
  • [Legal] Consumer Product Liability: being prepared - Bernard Bressoux - Technical & Quality Director, Petzl
  • [Retail Panel] Multisport Stores: how does outdoor perform? - With Eugenio Di Maria - Founder and CEO EDM Publications, Tomas Främberg - Vice Buying Director, Stadium, Massimo Zuin - Category Manager for Outdoor, Bike and Ski, Sportland and Willy Beyeler - Head of Brand Management, IIC-INTERSPORT International Corp
  • [Market] Cracking the US Market - George Schott - Founder and Vice President Sales and Marketing, Injinji.

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The Sustainable Apparel Coalition

The clothing and footwear industry has been working to create guidelines and standards to deal with environmental and social concerns for many years. These initiatives have tended to be duplicative, which has created a confusing situation for brands, suppliers and consumers alike. The Sustainable Apparel Coalition was founded by a group of sustainability leaders from global apparel and footwear companies, together with leading environmental and social organizations to unify this myriad of solutions and create a standard Index for sustainability and social responsibility that unites, and is functional across, the apparel and footwear industry supply chains in their entirety. Through multi-stakeholder engagement, the SAC seeks to lead the industry toward a shared vision of sustainability built upon a common approach for measuring and evaluating apparel and footwear product sustainability performance that will spotlight priorities for action and opportunities for technological innovation. Jason will be presenting on the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and will discuss the unique and constructive culture behind the SAC that is driving this group to achieve its vision and purpose. This will be followed by an in depth look at SAC’s first major project, the Sustainable Apparel Index. This is a common, industry-wide tool for measuring the environmental and social performance of apparel products and the supply chains that produce them.

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Outdoor Demographics... Are you riding the wave?

It’s a matter of nature that people get older. But it’s matter for society when whole populations are ageing. Demographic change affects countries all over the globe and is having an increasing influence on all areas of public life and significantly so in sports participation. The levels of interest in all forms of sport are highly affected by age factors and so in turn is demand for sports products. In Europe fewer children and an increasing amount of older sportsmen will drive the demand for sports and sporting goods, today and into the future. What challenges will arise from this shift? Can we evaluate its impact over the next decades? What strategies should businesses develop to take advantage of these demographic changes and how should they deal with the challenges this is creating?

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Russia: the land of opportunity?

Following on from last years evaluation of the Chinese market, one of this year’s presentations on developing markets will examine Russia. With its close proximity to Europe, Russia is blessed with an enormous outdoor playground offering its inhabitants unrivalled opportunities for outdoor sports. And with a population almost half the size of the EEC and vast natural resources powering the economy forward it has many of the right ingredients to develop into a substantial market for outdoor products. Vlad will bring his own local experience and knowledge to revealing what stage of development the outdoor market in Russia is at today, what will be the key trends over the next few years and what are the unique aspects of the market that are vital to understand if one is to successfully launch a brand there.

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The What and the How of Dialing Up Innovation in your Organization

 Innovation is often seen as the realm of small nimble businesses and new and exiting niche markets. But for the vast majority of organizations the need is to bring innovation year on year to their existing product lines to create either a new buzz around essentially a commodity product or to achieve cost saving whilst at the same time avoiding any hiccups in the smooth running of the product lifecycles. Alberto will start by assessing Innovation In large Multinational Apparel Companies taking a look at how innovation can be encouraged by creating an organic culture of innovation. Then more specifically he will he will examine the critical Interface of Science – Fashion Design. True product innovation really flourishes at the border between technology and design and pioneering design is often supported by equally pioneering applied science. The importance of understanding and working on this logical/emotional dichotomy will be explained with practical examples.

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Multi-sport Stores... How does outdoor perform?

This year has seen a continuation of market uncertainty, but with a shift in concerns towards how the future of the Euro will affect demand across Europe. To survive and prosper in the ever-changing market, outdoor brands are continually developing new strategies in all aspects of their businesses. With additional sales harder to come by it is important to look at how other sports are performing in these challenging times. The panel, made up of some of Europe’s top multisport retailers, has been assembled to discuss the retail environment in their sector. The panel will look at how outdoor brands are performing relative to brands from other sports categories, as well as how outdoor brands can render themselves more attractive to multisport retailers.

The retail panel will be led by Eugenio Di Maria, founder and CEO of EDM  Publications, publishers of SGI Europe and The Outdoor Industry  Compass. Panelists will include Tomas Främberg, Vice Buying Director of  Stadium, Massimo Zuin, Category Manager for Outdoor, Bike and Ski at  Sportland, and Willy Beyeler, Head of Brand Management at IIC-Intersport International Corp.

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E-commerce: the future of e-retailing channels

In today’s multi channel retail environment brands need to be aware of all the latest developments that effect their offering to the consumer.  The speed of change in E-commerce means having your finger on the pulse of the latest developments, and can make all the difference between success and failure. Philippe has been at the forefront of the E-commerce retail revolution since 2006 when he started to build into one of France’s most successful online shoe stores. This combined with his time working for major consumer brands has given him the a great understanding of both the click and mortar and the pure e-retailer channels. Philippe will examine the latest developments in e-commerce to highlight emerging online retail channel trends.

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Locator Marketing, the addition of location to consumer targeting

If you follow the various Web 2.0 blogs, like Mashable and TechCrunch, you can’t escape the hype around location based (mobile) marketing. It’s a lot harder to find a consistent description of what it is exactly and why a brand, retailer or agency should get involved. A fast-growing segment of mobile consumers is eager to share personal location in order to get some form of benefit. Location enabled social apps are rapidly becoming popular around the world, and especially so in Europe. For businesses, the location marketing “game” is just starting. So it’s still exciting and sometimes frightening to be doing anything in this space. Experiments are in order, but need to be controllable from both a cost- as well as impact perspective.

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EOCA, there for us all!

Who or what is EOCA? Do you know what it does and how it is helping the outdoor industry to stand up to its responsibilities to look after the wild places it professes to love and value so much?  This charity, all of whose members are outdoor industry brands, retailers, agencies, media and other companies, is going from strength to strength as the industry recognises the role it has to play in looking after the natural environment it depends on for its livelihood.  Hear some of the incredible successes EOCA has achieved in such a short time of being, not least the overwhelming support and interest from the outdoor consumer – and its plans for the future.

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Keynote address ISPO dinner

Rolf Schmid this years dinner speaker, has like the two previous speakers Heiner Oberrauch and Paul Petzl, devoted most of his working life to the outdoor industry. During his time at the helm of Mammut he has guided the business to being one of the most respected brands in its peer group. Rolf will present a very personal view of the industry, which has played such an important part in his life.

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Cracking the US market

Entering the US market for European brands is a daunting prospect. The shear size of the market make it a must go to for brands with global ambitions and yet understanding it and getting the initial launch right while being based on the other side of the Atlantic mean for many brands this is the most difficult geographical expansion that they will have to make. As a brand you only really get one clear opportunity to enter the market, if you have to try again then your brand will already have an associated reputation. George will use his knowledge gained over many years of launching brands in the US market to explain what brands need to do to be successful in this challenging market.

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Consumer product liability

The rise in consumer liability cases is one of the more troublesome trends that brands need to be concerned with. The Anglo-Saxon culture particularly in the USA has long had a very active civil liability environment led by aggressive no win no fee legal practices. Now the United Kingdom is increasingly heading in this direction, and it is only a matter of time before continental Europe is in a similar situation. So brands need to be fully prepared and have a thorough understanding of their commitment to both users and retailers! Following a recent case, the Petzl organization has found that it has had to implement a whole raft of measures to ensure that it is better prepared for when future consumer liability cases arise. In this presentation Bernard will explain what Petzl has done and why in order to meet this new challenge.

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Launch of outdoor industry specific advanced degrees

With the goal of training future managers, technicians and sales representatives in the outdoor sports industry, Outdoor Sports Valley has developed the three outdoor sports specific degrees: a Master in Science in “Sports and Outdoor Industry Management”, a Bachelor’s degree in “International Sales Specialists in Sports”, and a Bachelor’s degree in “Performance Sports Textile and Footwear”. These European accredited degrees were developed in close partnership with the EMLYON Business School, the Université de Savoie in Annecy (both IAE Savoie Mont-Blanc Institute of Management and the IUT Technical School) and CNPC. These courses will welcome students from around the globe this autumn. Pascal will present a brief outline of the initiative and explain how the industry can benefit by supporting these education programs.

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More topics coming soon.