Annecy lake and its surrounding
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European Outdoor Forum at Imperial palace
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Imperial palace - Conference venue
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ISPO dinner cruising the lake on the floating restaurant MS Libellule
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European Outdoor Forum, Group photo after the first day conference
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Networking lunch in front of the lake
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The ISPO dinner will be held on the floating restaurant "MS Libellule ", which will crusie the Lac d'Annecy. After the dinner Heiner Oberrauch will speak about his passion, the outdoor business.

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Adress: 2, Place au bois – 74 000 ANNECY France Tel: +33 (0)450 510 840

Locate the “MS Libellule” - If you want to learn more about the “MS Libellule”:


The Forum will be held at the Imperial Palace, a prestigious four star hotel and conference centre situated right on the shore of Lac d’Annecy.


Adress: Allée de l'Impérial - 74000 ANNECY France - Tel: +33 (0)450 093 000

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The SGI-Europe - The Compass and aWorkbook lunches will be at the Moon Restaurant (5 minutes walk from the Imperial Palace). 

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Adress: PLage d'Annecy - 30, Avenue d'Albigny - 74 000 ANNECY France - Tel: +33 (0)450 191 973

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Tuesday 11th October Imperial Palace

  • 8.00-8:50am: Registration and Coffee at Imperial Palace
  • 8.50-9.00am: Conference Opening - Welcome Speech - Jean-Luc Diard, President Outdoor Sports Valley and David Udberg, President of the European Outdoor Group
  • 9.00-10.00am: SEMINAR #1 - China the new Frontier
    Roger Zeng, President and founder of China Outdoor Retailer Association (CORA)
  • 10.00-10.40am: Coffee Break
  • 10.40-11.20pm: SEMINAR #2 - Social Accountability, better safe than sorry
    Edwin Koster, CEO Max Value
  • 11.20-12.00pm: SEMINAR #3 - Social Accountability, better safe than sorry
    Julia Hawkins, Ethical Trading (ETI)
  • 12.00-1.40pm: SGI Europe - the Compass Lunch.
  • 1.40-2.40pm: SEMINAR #4 - Supply Chain Management - Planning ahead
    Douglas Kent, Supply Chain Council
  • 2.40-3.20pm: Coffee Break.
  • 3.20-4.20pm: SEMINAR #5 - Modern Marketing Strategy: gossip, celebrities and the art of seduction
    Walter Naeslund, CEO Honesty Stockholm Sweden
  • 4.20-4.50: Presentation of the innovative Refuge du Goûter
    Hervé Dessimoz & Thomas Buschi, H Group
  • 8.00-11.00pm: ISPO Forum Dinner onboard MS Libellule with keynote adress speaker Heiner Oberrauch, President Oberalp-Salewa Group introduced by Paul Petzl, President Petzl Company

Wednesday 12th October Imperial Palace

  • 8.30-9:00am: Registration and Coffe at Imperial Palace
  • 9.00am: Conference Starts
  • 9.00-10.00am: SEMINAR #6 - The Shape of Outdoor in Europe
    Mark Held, Secretary General of the European Outdoor Group
  • 10.00-10.40am: Coffee Break
  • 10.40-12.00am: PANEL DEBATE - The future of retail
    Moderated by Eugenio Di Maria, Founder and CEO EDM Publications
    - Zhang Heng, Founder & CEO Sanfo (China)
    - Frederic Hufkens, CEO of A.S. Adventure Group (Europe)
    - David Labistour, CEO Mountain Equipment Co-op (North America)
    - Thomas Lipke, Managing Director Globetrotter (Europe)
  • 12.00am-1.40pm: aWorkbook Lunch.
  • 1.40-2.20pm: SEMINAR #7 - Capturing today’s youth market
    Alex Striler, Management Consultant and author “X Play Nation”
  • 2.20-3.00pm: SEMINAR #8 - Intellectual Property, the rising challenge
    Anne Laurent, General IP Counsel Europe for Amer Sports
  • 3.00-3.40pm: Coffee Break
  • 3.40-4.40pm: SEMINAR #9 - North American Key Market Trends
    Frank Hugelmeyer, President & CEO Outdoor Industry Association
  • 4.40-5.00pm: Conference Closing with address from Jean-Luc Diard, President Outdoor Sports Valley and David Udberg, President of the European Outdoor Group
  • 5.00pm: Conference ends

Download the full agenda (PDF) here.


Keynote address ISPO dinner

This years Keynote speaker at the ISPO forum dinner will be Heiner Oberrauch President of Oberalp. Heiner is of the same mould as Paul Petzl, last years ispo forum dinner speaker, both come from families with deep roots in the outdoor industry and are owners as well as presidents of their businesses. Heiner will present a very personal and passionate view of the industry which has and continues to be the very centre of his life.
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The Shape of Outdoor in Europe

Until now the European outdoor industry has lacked even the simplest information about the size of the marketplace in outdoor products. To address this issue the European Outdoor Group (EOG) launched a new initiative with the support of many of the major brands active in the European market, to create a survey that could be used as a benchmark for performance. The Forum will provide the first opportunities for those brands not involved to see the headline results and also discuss the benefits of participating in the survey, with brands who are already involved.
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North America Key market trends

Since 2002, OIA has been collecting data on the outdoor market from brands and retailers to produce the most accurate and up to date market research available. Frank Hugelmeyer, will be presenting a snapshot of the last 12 months figures and give his own personal interpretation of what the key trends currently are. As the home of many innovations it always pays to be well informed on the very latest developments influencing business in this market.
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Gossip, Celebrities and the art of seduction

Believe it or not even the most traditional brands, will soon be relying on Gossip, Celebrities and the art of seduction as the basis for their marketing Campaigns. Social communities the bedrock of new media are just a gigantic version of your close group of friends and we all want to know what each other are doing and where and who with. And dont forget, the sports industry has had its own Celebrities for years we just called them athletes. Walter Naeslund will take us on a journey through gossip theory and how it is empowered by social media, and present a model for making gossip the cornerstone of your marketing strategy.
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Social Accountability - Better safe than sorry

Corporate Social responsibility is not only about product but probably more importantly about people and morality. In todays smaller world with its greater understanding of the common good and open information companies need to ensure that their and their suppliers employees rights are upheld. Not only is this becoming a legal requirement but a brand value neccessity as the internet can turn a local rumour into front page headlines overnight. The Ethical Trading iniative (eti) and Social Accountability international will both look at how brands can intergate this CSR requirment into their business practices.
Learn more about both speakers: Julia Hawkins and Edwin Koster.

Capturing todays youth market

The youth market is every brands Holy Grail, if you cannot successfully tap into tomorrows consumer then what future does a brand have. Alex Striler will look at how brands from the action sports business industry , which have enjoyed phenomenol growth over the last decade, made themselves so attractive to this new consumer and how the marketing strategy and ethos of thèse types of brands can be adapted to encourage young consumers into traditional sports markets.  One only has to look at the impact of freeski on the Alpine ski  market to realise change comes to us all.
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Global retail best practices

For the first time the Forum has assembled an international retail panel to examine the state of retail and best retail practices from around the globe. At the time of going to press the retail panel which will be led by Eugenio di Maria founder and CEO of  SGI-Europe consists of Sanfo founder and CEO Heng Zhang, David Labistour CEO of Mountain Equipment  Co-op of Canada and Frederic Hufkens CEO of AS Adventure and Thomas Lipke from Globetrotters.

China the new Frontier

China is at the centre of most brands growth plans over the next decade. But to be successful, brands need to really understand China’s unique market dynamics. As with Mark Helds presentation on Europe and Frank Hugelmeyers on North America, Roger Zeng will bring his own local experience and knowledge to revealing what are the key current trends in his own market. Roger brings an exceptional grasp of how the outdoor industry works in China for retailers, brands and manufacturers. His broad experience will be invaluable to understanding the complexities of doing business in China.
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Intellectual Property, the rising challenge

The increase in intellectual property (IP) infringements has been having a huge impact on the outdoor industry. Modern communication methods are adding to the increasing import of counterfeits from the Far East to Europe by private people, retailers and criminal organizations. Anne Laurent from Amer Sports, representing the IP Committee of FESI, will brief us on the latest developments and on what brands can do to minimise the issues, she will also review the initiatives that a number of associations are taking that could help the outdoor industry tackle this major problem.
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Supply Chain Management, planning ahead

What will the future supply chain look like? What impact will the changes in Asia have to your supply chain? What level of risk/ exposure does your company have and which of these should be mitigated? These questions and more will be answered in this presentation by Douglas Kent. The increased complexity, globalization, and outsourcing across the outdoor sector has subsequently also increased the potential for supply chain disruptions. The financial community is also less tolerant and more acutely aware of supply chain risk and the potential impact on business operations as well as valuation. This session examines the responses from hundreds of global companies to a recent supply chain survey and unveils the kinds of risks concerning most companies and their level of exposure and the impacts this may have on China and other Asian countries’ ability to continue as suppliers to Europe.
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